in latin means LIFE...: our commitment to biodynamics, supported by the whole team.


Life at the Domaine in Anjou for biodynamic wines

For us, life is essential to create our wines and this for several titles :

  • The life of each member of our team, without whom nothing would be possible ;
  • The life of the soil, because it is from this that the fruit will draw its energy ;
  • The life of wines, to never forget that we must accompany them from the fruit juice stage to that of a mature but still living wine !
  • The life of our customers, because conviviality is really essential for us !

In 1860, Jules Guyot wrote in his book "Culture de la vigne et vinification" (Culture of the vine and vinification) that "the genius of wine was in the vine". This "agro-œnology concept" has inspired us a lot to determine in the short, medium and long term the oenological value of wine-making activities, to lead to a more adapted, global and integrated management of the vineyard. More simply, the only way for us not to resort to oenological interventionism is to produce grapes that hold all the ingredients of an autonomous fermentation.

Wines in biodynamic way, respecting the vine and the soil

We believe that biodynamics is one of the factors in achieving this type of objective.

Indeed, this method of cultivation includes a whole range of agricultural techniques, with the aim of feeding the vine and the soil for quality wines and grapes.

Well practiced, biodynamics allows the terroir to express itself and recover its typicity.

A biodynamic certification, which is booming worldwide and stricter than the European organic regulation, will allow us to guarantee compliance with the specifications of biodynamic practices.

To avoid self-satisfaction, we have signed a partnership with an external company that offers an analysis and consulting service to adapt the vineyard's nutrition according to agro-œnological objectives. Thus, various problems, whether agronomic or oenological, can often be solved by a better adaptation of the fertilization of the vineyard and a good knowledge of the nutrition of the vines.

Wines in biodynamic way, respecting the vine and the soil
Vine stock of the Richou domaine

To know and above all to ensure the nutritional balance of our vines, we use a recognized agro-œnological tool : petiole analysis. This support evaluates the absorption of essential elements for the vine, macro-elements (N, P, K, Ca, Mg) and trace elements (Fe, Mn, B, Zn).

Unlike a soil analysis that illustrates a situation at a given time, monitoring the evolution of the elements during the growing season makes it possible to better understand the relationship between soil, plant and climate and to anticipate nutritional problems.

To conclude, it seems important to us to recall that "yeasts are living organisms", whose nutrition during fermentation is exclusively linked to the composition of the must. This is directly induced by the nutritional balance of the vine. In fact, to avoid exogenous oenological inputs, one must ensure throughout the year that the must is able to deliver all the ingredients for a successful autonomous fermentation.

Under this model, the members of the team assigned to vine growing are well aware that their objective is not only to garden pretty plots. They must also adapt the cultivation method according to the specific characteristics of each plot to deliver grapes to the cellar team that have benefited from a monitoring of their nutritional balance and that will contain the ingredients of a vinification that is the least interventionist possible.

In the end, our customers will be able to enjoy biodynamic wines, from the plot to the cellar (and not only organically grown wines) to share their moments of conviviality and good humour !

The team

The team of Richou domaine - Terra Vita Vinum
The team of Richou domaine - Terra Vita Vinum


I came to the domaine after completing my professional baccalaureate in 2004-2006. I had the chance to experience the transformation of the domaine from conventional viticulture to organic and then biodynamic. The place of observation and feeling is essential for a passage to thoughtful action. The dynamism of the team is a real plus in my motivation.



This job allows me to combine my three passions : wine, cooking and music. These three worlds give me beautiful emotions. In each of them, a high degree of rigour is required to reach the required level. I want to be part of this adventure at the domaine to bring my participation to a new challenge.



Arriving in viticulture in 2000, I had the chance to work in all aspects of the profession in the vineyard as well as in the cellar to finally concentrate on sales. This wine-growing history is an opportunity, it allows me to develop a sincere and authentic message to the domaine's customers.


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