La Tulipe Rouge : our wines selected for the 2024 hit list

La Tulipe Rouge : our wines selected for the 2024 hit list

After being blind-tasted by a tasting panel of independent professionals, our wines have been selected as one of the best wines of France 2024 in the La Tulipe Rouge guide!

Terra Vita Vinum has also been listed among the estates not to be missed:
"Terra Vita Vinum has a more ambitious positioning, but one that is justified in the words of friendly owners Bénédicte Petit and Luc Briand. A positioning that doesn't frighten us when we taste the wines: everything is absolutely delicious and deserves the attention of the most demanding connoisseur. Last but not least, the range is available with and without sulfur, to explore all the facets of these deep, complex wines."

Here are the comments on our cuvées:

Bigottière 2020

When terroir (and domaine...) takes precedence over vintage, the result is this Bigottière, penetrating in aroma, voluble in structure. Dense and dancing on the palate, with deep aromas of smoke, spice and fruit, it coats the palate before exploding on the finish with complex, saline and mineral flavors. A very pretty wine.
Note : 94/100

Tulipe Rouge macaron 94

Grandes Rogeries 2020

This 2020, already flattering, which is no mistake, delights with its exotic, smoky perfumes that enliven an ample, delicately creamy palate, and accompany with suavity a long, lush, saline finish. Remarkable for its grace, seductive for its delicacy, this is a gourmet's wine par excellence.
Note : 91/100

Tulipe Rouge macaron 91

Grandes Rogeries 2019

With less reduction than the blue waxed version, the bouquet quickly becomes imbued with a flinty note, complemented by citrus and a floral touch. Just as concentrated and invigorating, but seemingly denser (due to a lower CO2), than its sulfite-free version, this grandes-rogeries asserts itself with greater precision in the texture that accompanies the material in a held, tighter, slightly smoky finish, gradually evolving towards saline in the form of bitterness. Structurally identical to its blue-clad twin, this grandes-rogeries certainly offers a more expected and youthful (more resistant?) reading of the vintage, but, in our opinion, just as remarkable.
Note : 93/100

Tulipe Rouge macaron 93

Grandes Rogeries 2019 - version nature

After a toasty reduction à la Lalou (Bize-Leroy), the finesse of the bouquet is revealed, before introducing a concentrated, blade-sharp mouthfeel (accentuated by a pearlescent edge), with citrus scents that stretch remarkably long over saline, mineral flavors. Idiosyncratic and absolutely delicious. A fine wine.
Note : 93/100

Tulipe Rouge macaron 93

Grand Vau 2021

This Grand-Vau stands out in the vintage for its precision, harmony and unexpected release. Subtly perfumed, the delicate, light, well-balanced palate delicate, light and well-balanced, caressing without a hint of weakness, finishing with suavity and freshness on peppery and floral notes. Seductive without being racy, this 2021 has good taste, like all the wines from the domaine.
Note : 91/100

Tulipe Rouge macaron 91

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